Fighting for Gwinnett’s Taxpayers

Matt Reeves for Senate


Make Most County Offices Nonpartisan and Term-Limited

Gwinnett and Fulton can’t afford to have partisan career politicians in the future. Matt Reeves is a proven supporter for county positions becoming non-partisan and for term limits for those positions. As our Senator, Matt will continue his work to term limit county positions and ensure non-partisan elections.

Strengthen Georgia's State Ethics Commission

Justice delayed is often justice denied. Matt will fight for ethics in state government and in the State Senate, including strengthening Georgia’s State Ethics Commission to have the resources and ability to act as expeditiously as a good District Attorney’s Office

Fiscally Conservative Good Government

Matt will be a watchdog for working people, homeowners and small business owners hard-earned money. State government should do a few things and do them well, Matt will support K-12 Schools and the HOPE Grant, and work to improve our healthcare, traffic solutions, and public safety, Matt will be an effective advocate for our local community and will be a bipartisan problem-solver in the State Senate.

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